Date Established 07/2017
Founder Joyce Zhu, Jane Xie
Headquarters Bridgewater, NJ, USA
Website http://numafoods.com
Press Contact Joyce Zhu


Numa Caffeinated Coffee Soft Candy
Numa Caffeinated Coffee Soft Candy $4.49
Numa Creamy Coconut Chewy Candy
Numa Creamy Coconut Chewy Candy $4.49
Numa Original Creme Nougat
Numa Original Creme Nougat $4.49
Numa Strawberries 'n Cream Nougat
Numa Strawberries 'n Cream Nougat $4.49


Numa Foods is a women-owned and family operated manufacturer of healthy Asian-inspired candies. The current line, inspired by Asian nougat, are all-natural creamy taffies with benefits - meaning 40% less sugar and 200% more protein than leading candy bars in America. There are five deliciously creamy and chewy flavors - strawberries 'n cream, creamy coconut (dairy free), caffeinated coffee (contains as much caffeine as an espresso in one serving), original creme, and chocolate milk with peanuts. All of Numa's candies are made with simple and fresh ingredients you can taste and feel good about. The candies are individually wrapped and come in 8-piece, 3.7oz resealable pouches. They are currently available on Amazon, Yamibuy, and about 50 stores in NYC. Numa Foods was selected as dairy snack frontrunner innovators by the Land O' Lakes Dairy Accelerator in 2018 and the Dairy Farmers of America Accelerator in 2019. Numa will be launching a new plant-based peanut butter candy line later in 2020.

Founding Story

Numa means daughter and mother in Chinese as Numa's story started when the founder's mom, Jane, made the founder, Joyce, a healthier version of her favorite childhood candies. Prior to Numa, Joyce was a traveling management consultant. She has an autoimmune disease for which she has to limit sugars and eat whole foods, but she also has a major sweet tooth so with the busy schedule she was struggling to find a healthier alternative. One day, she mentioned her problem to her mom and Jane whipped up these natural, delicious candies that her mom used to make her in China. They were the perfect, delicious solution and since trailing at local NJ farmer's markets in 2017, Joyce and Jane personally scaled their heirloom recipe from their home kitchen to a dedicated, FDA-licensed facility in PA where they maintain traditional production methods for the highest quality.


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Joyce Zhu

Founder and CEO
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Joyce is the Nu part of Numa. She previously worked in investment banking and management consulting and manages business and strategic aspects of Numa. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Economics. 

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Jane Xie

Unofficial co-founder and COO
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Jane, Joyce's mom, is the ma part of Numa. As unofficial co-founder and COO, she manages operations and plant management for Numa, but dreams of eventually outsourcing her roles and traveling the world to source products for Numa. She is originally from Shanghai, China and holds a Masters in Finance from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


start quotation marks "I'm glad these came into my life for the fact that they're great-tasting, better for you, and, specifically, higher in protein than other candy." end quotation marks
Samantha Brodsky PopSugar Fitness Editor
start quotation marks "These are very low in sugar and contain natural ingredients and fiber, too." end quotation marks
Lauren Minchen RD with Women's Health Mag