Date- sweetened, grain-free and plant-based superfood topping mixes

NUTSOLA Date- sweetened, grain-free and plant-based superfood topping mixes


Date Established 12/2018
Founder Adam Kukoff, Michael Kukoff
Headquarters Livingston, NJ
Press Contact Adam Kukoff



Founded by a father and son duo in 2017, NUTSOLA is a healthy, granola-alternative brand that offers a variety of date- sweetened, grain-free and plant-based superfood mixes. The superfood mixes make the perfect toppings to a variety of meals and can be easily made into energy bars by just adding water and baking in the oven. Inspired by Grandpa Milton Kukoff, who was known for bringing baked goods to people who worked in his community, NUTSOLA is partnered with Feed the Hungry and donates a bar for every NUTSOLA purchased.

NUTSOLA's fiber-rich, grain-free, vegan-friendly and protein-packed superfood mixes are available in 7 nut-based flavors: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cherry Max, Peanut Butter & Cacoa, Vanilla Almond, Peanut Butter, Cacoa Almond, and Banana Nut in ($12.99/ 10 oz bag). NUTSOLA can be found at specialty gourmet health markets throughout the U.S. Since it first came to market in April 2019, NUTSOLA has proved to be an incredibly versatile product from energy balls to toppings.

Founding Story

Years ago, NUTSÓLA Co-Founder, Michael Kukoff, and his son, CEO & Co-Founder Adam Kukoff, came up with an incredible idea and recipe that changed the Kukoff family's lives forever. Growing up, Michael always tried to instill healthy eating habits into his children's daily lives, but it wasn’t always easy. Constantly on the go or playing competitive sports each season, his kids opted for a bag of dried fruit instead of unhealthy snacks. However, it wasn’t until their Aunt Joyce informed them that eating too much dried fruit can be the same as eating too much sugar.

Taking a deep look into the foods they were eating, the Kukoff family realized that there was an overabundance of refined sugars and sweeteners in many foods that they ate on a daily basis. Michael started adding almonds to his kids' fruit bags in order to minimize the sugar intake from dried fruit, which created a snack with the best nutrition: healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein.This became the go-to snack for the Kukoff family, until one day, inspired by Grandpa Milton Kukoff who loved to bake, they chopped up some almonds and dried fruit, added some spices and made them into balls. They shared it with family and friends and they loved it as well and urged the family to go into business. In 2017, the Kukoff family made their dream into a reality. In January 2019, Adam and Michael launched a Kickstarter campaign setting out to be a unique energy bar company. NUTSOLA received amazing support from family and friends and gave them the confidence to expand the business.


Michael Kukoff

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Michael Kukoff is co-founder of NUTSÓLA and is responsible for the idea and recipe behind the brand.

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Adam Kukoff

Co-Founder and CEO
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Adam Kukoff grew up in Short Hills, NJ where he spent all of his child hood. At an early age Adam was hooked into all sports and played competitively in baseball, basketball, and soccer. This drive and addiction to competition fuels his entrepreneurial spirit. He went to Syracuse University for Undergrad where he majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

NUTSÓLA which all started in his house growing up is a business designed for people to better help their health and wellness journey. The dream is to become a household name and impact people and improve their lives.