brand Paceline

First-ever fitness rewards platform that adds financial benefit to your physical activity

Paceline First-ever fitness rewards platform that adds financial benefit to your physical activity


Date Established 12/2018
Founder Joel Lieginger
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Fitness, Tech, Beauty
Press Contact BenHur Castro


Paceline is the first retail health and wellness platform that incentivizes consumers to live a healthy lifestyle. Paceline's mission is to bring the worlds of physical and financial rewards together. Paceline incentivizes people to be active with curated offerings from health and wellness brands that yield healthier people and more valuable customers to partners of all kinds. Consumers earn health and wellness rewards for 150 minutes of elevated heart rate a week. Creating and maintaining a healthy exercise habit results in higher-value rewards. How it works: Step 1: Track Activity, connect the app to an Apple Watch and get moving. Step 2: Hit Goals,150 exercise minutes each week is all it takes. Repeat week after week and build a streak. Step 3: Get Rewarded, link a credit or debit card and, over time, claim wellness rewards that are tailored to brands and purchases that customers already make. Currently, the Paceline iOS App only works with Apple Watch. More pairings coming very soon including Fitbit (July 2020) and Garmin (July 2020) integration. Get on the waitlist or download the Paceline App for free here on the App Store.

Founding Story

Paceline was founded in 2019 when Paceline CEO and Founder, Joel Lieginger, had a 'wouldn't it be cool...' conversation among friends after a bike ride and a stop at a local coffee shop. Coming from a background in financial services, Joel knew this idea was very much possible. There were plenty of corporate wellness programs that incentivize large companies to make sure their employees stay active and healthy, but those financial rewards ultimately remain with the company. There's never been a wellness program that directly rewards the ones doing the work to stay healthy with actual financial benefits.


Joel Lieginger

Founder and CEO
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Paceline Founder and CEO, Joel Lieginger, spent 15 years in the global financial services industry building and running the largest and fastest-growing financial business globally (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Philadelphia). Joel and his wife, Emily,  live in the Bay Area with their three beautiful children. An avid cyclist, Joel always tries to get a ride in whenever and wherever possible.