Bay Area Health Tech Company, Pancea, Provides Solution For Chronic Pain With New Holistic App
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 2021) - Pancea, an integrative health platform for chronic pain, founded in 2019 by a Corrective Exercise Specialist, will be launching a new downloadable application on July 1st, which will be available in the Google and Apple store. With the new downloadable application, users can expect more advanced technology, personalized health education, and real-time adaptive programs that adjust to the user’s daily needs.

What sets Pancea apart is the team has a unique understanding of MSK pain treatment and the fact that chronic pain treatment should be a combination of personalized mental health, emotional health, and physical health programs. Pancea’s proprietary algorithm automates specialist’s consultations, movement assessments, and day-of program creation. The app creates personalized exercise and wellness programs that correct each person’s muscle imbalances and movement pattern dysfunctions associated with MSK pain. Pancea also provides personalized weekly content around stress management, trauma recovery, and more. 

“After losing my mom at 17 to an accidental opioid overdose after she underwent a back surgery; I understood then that it was not just physical. Chronic pain is multifaceted. Structure, muscle imbalances, stress, trauma, nutrition, and sleep can all affect how we feel in our body.” says Ashley Hunt, Corrective Exercise Specialist and CEO of Pancea. “At Pancea, we look beyond the obvious and put the individual first. We believe in people’s ability and want to learn about their own health and wellness and understand that all people need is a little guidance and structure.” 

Pancea’s approach to chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) pain treatment goes beyond purchasing the latest ergonomic office equipment. With many at-home workers having faced new sets of physical and mental challenges in the last year including high anxiety levels, burn-out from mass trauma, and chronic aches and pains from lack of movement throughout the pandemic, Pancea is on a mission to fix chronic pain using a holistic and more accessible approach.

Pancea conducted six corporate pilots throughout 2020, and the team’s unique approach in scaling the specialists’ experience, programs, holistic approach, and utilizing software for scalability proved successful. The data-driven team observed 50% reduction in pain symptoms within 2-4 weeks and up to 80% reduction in symptoms within 12 weeks. Users also expressed a decrease in stress levels, improvements in mood, optimism, and focus. 

For early access to the application enter your email on the Pancea website at  

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