Peak State Coffee Shade Grown Whole Bean Coffee infused with Adaptogens


Date Established 09/2019
Founder Danny Walsh, Carl Bailey, Jessica LeBlanc
Headquarters Boulder, CO
Press Contact Danny Walsh


Dark Roast
Dark Roast $20.00
Light Roast
Light Roast $20.00
Medium Roast
Medium Roast $20.00


Peak State has introduced coffee with benefts: shade grown whole bean coffee infused with adaptogenic mushrooms for less jitters, more focus, and boosted immunity. Feel optimal. Zone in. Find your Peak State! Unlike any ground or instant mushroom coffee, Peak State developed a patentable process for infusing whole beans with extracts of functional mushrooms during the roasting process - whole beans enable maximum freshness. Peak State is also unlike 99% of the other coffee out there since it sources only sustainably shade grown coffee beans, a method that is not only organic, but poses promise to be regenerative and makes a business case for the environment. Peak State's mission is to empower people to do challenging things, help people reach their mental and physical Peak State, and to use business as a force for environmental good. 

The company has been self-funded to date via bootstrapping and Kickstarters and it is on track to do 100K in revenues in its first year, all direct to consumer. It has three SKUS - a light roast featuring brain boosting Lion's Mane, a medium roast for immunity featuring an anti-oxidant rich blend of mushrooms, and a dark roast featuring adaptogenic Reishi for stress - with a 4th SKU on the way.

The brand launched on Amazon in February and recently just launched on Kickstarter on March 2nd, 2021, with a goal to achieve their official Fair Trade, Organic, and Shade grown certifications. All coffee is packaged in 100% compotable bags  and Peak State is a 1% for the planet company.( The brand's vision is to save the coffee industry from extinction while promoting widespread proactive health. Peak State plans to have a significant presence at the Northern Colorado Hemp Expo in Denver at the end of March which will be exhibiting the current trend of medicinal mushrooms used in plant based medicine. 

Founding Story

Peak State Founder, Danny Walsh is a product manager turned entrepreneur (BS/MBA) who is passionate about the outdoors and sustainability. The inspiration for the company came when he followed his passion into working outside on a professional trail crew. During this time, he learned to forage and extract wild chaga, and after drinking it, he couldn’t stop thinking about how good it made him feel - soothed, relaxed, calm. He set out to share the benefits of functional mushrooms with all via his favorite drink - coffee. The good kind. The kind that doesn't get stale as soon as you open it: whole bean.

Soon after, Peak State was born with a mission to make all the untapped nutritional potential of mushrooms more accessible to all, and he took on some needed help to make it happen. The Peak State Team developed a technological process for infusing whole beans during the roasting process. Today, Peak State is the first company to offer Functional Coffees - wholes beans infused for an additional function such as immunity, cognition, or for less jitters. Keeping origins in mind, Peak State donates 1% of all sales back to environmental conservation. 


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Danny Walsh

Co-Founder and CEO
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Danny Walsh, Co-Founder & CEO of Peak State, holds a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Engineering and an MBA with concentrations in Entrepreneurship & Sustainability from Northeastern University. A serial entrepreneur, he is the former Product Manager at TRUBLUE and has taken several products from concept to market. What drives Danny (besides coffee of course) is his passion for the outdoors, active living, and nature, all of which are what piqued his curiosity about the untapped nutritional potential of mushrooms in the first place. 

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Carl Bailey

COO & Co-Founder
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Carl Bailey, COO, has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia. A Product Development Engineer, Carl’s strengths are process development and operations. Carl engineered Peak State’s proprietary whole bean infusion process. His favorite pastimes include home brewing and bombing mountain bike trails in Colorado. 

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Jessica LeBlanc

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Jessica LeBlanc is a Clinical Herbalist with a degree from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism. She has a passion for mycology, herbalism, and prior experience in natural food manufacturing and sales. When not practicing herbalsim, she spends her free time foraging mushrooms. Her mission is to share with others the benefits of plants, fungi, and the natural cycles of this place we call home. She believes food is medicine, ancestral wisdom is real, and radical nourishment to the mind, body, and spirit is necessary.   



start quotation marks Probably the best coffee I've ever had! I don't get an upset stomach if I drink it on an empty stomach, I don't get jittery and I feel amazing. Drinking coffee and getting health benefits? What more could a person ask for?! end quotation marks
Sheila B Customer
start quotation marks I love coffee (black or with a little milk), but I hate the bitter or acidic after taste from some brands. I also have issues with jitters if I go to Starbucks. Peak State is so smooth. What I wish all coffee tasted like, plus it makes me feel great. 110% worth it. end quotation marks
Victoria F Customer
start quotation marks I ordered two bags of coffee to support a small US company. I love the taste and the results. I feel like I have more focus and energy without jitters or a crash. Customer service has been great when I’ve had to contact them. If you’re looking for a new coffee for better focus, this is the one end quotation marks
Casey F Customer