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Reimagining classic snacks using only real ingredients with a commitment to transparency and advancing agriculture

Quinn Reimagining classic snacks using only real ingredients with a commitment to transparency and advancing agriculture


Date Established 09/2010
Founder Kristy Lewis
Headquarters Louisville, CO
Press Contact Liz Chatfield


Launched in 2010, Quinn is known for making crazy delicious and totally craveable pretzels and microwave popcorn using only 100% REAL, simple ingredients and kicking artificial ingredients and unpronounceables to the curb.

Quinn delivered the 1st microwave popcorn in a patented PURE POP bag® made of compostable paper free of chemicals, plastic and heat conducting susceptors and made with only REAL ingredients and organic kernels;  the 1st pretzels on the market made with whole grain, naturally gluten-free sorghum;  the 1st gluten-free peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, and the 1st and only grain-free, paleo pretzel chips.

Quinn is dedicated to sustainability.  Quinn’s ‘Be Better. Do Better. ™’ initiative is a commitment to support and seek out agricultural partners who would like to take steps to improve their practices, thereby improving our food supply and environment. Quinn is also committed to transparency and backs it up with their Farm to Bag™ initiative which gives details about their ingredients, growers and suppliers right on their website.

Quinn is available nationwide in over 6500 retail locations including Whole Foods, Walmart, Kroger and online through Amazon and Thrive Market.

Founding Story

Kristy Lewis, Founder/CEO, of Quinn, set out on a mission to clean up her favorite childhood snack, microwave popcorn. While pregnant with her first son, she learned what was in all of the microwave brands on the market, and after much trial and error, Kristy (not an inventor) patented a revolutionary PURE POP® bag, the first and only microwave popcorn bag to be completely stripped of all PFOA's, PFC's and plastic coatings. Yeah, you didn’t know all that yucky stuff was in there, did you? 

Since Quinn’s start, Kristy has been a passionate advocate for advancing agriculture towards more sustainable practices and bringing transparency into our food system. "For the past 10 years, I've been on a mission to revolutionize food. Quinn has pushed me to learn everything I can about agriculture, farmers, packaged food, this planet, how they connect, and why it all matters,” says Lewis.


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Kristy Lewis

Founder / CEO
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Kristy, mom of three little boys, launched Quinn with no prior food industry experience just three days after her first son, Quinn, was born. Since founding Quinn ten years ago, Kristy has been on a mission to transform our food system for the better, through ingredient transparency and working to advance agriculture towards a more regenerative approach. She hosts the “Be Better. Do Better.™” Podcast which features guest fighting for change and doing good in their industries.