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Rutherford & Meyer

Premium New Zealand artisan cracker and fruit paste company


Date Established 10/1996
Founder Jan Meyer
Headquarters New Zealand, Wellington
Press Contact Tyler Crawford


Established in 1996, Rutherford and Meyer is a premium New Zealand artisan cracker and fruit paste company. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Rutherford & Meyer produces quality charcuterie board accompaniments that utilize 100% natural ingredients. Their company's ethos focuses on sustainability, high quality natural ingredients, innovative ideas and celebrating their New Zealand roots.

When Rutherford and Meyer first began it was with sustainability at the forefront. Their fruit pastes were created due to a surplus harvest and instead of discarding this fruit they paired together old family recipes and delicious flavours.

Our sustainable ethos is continued within the launch of our newest brand Upcycled Grain Project. In 2019, Rutherford and Meyer was searching for a new sustainable ingredient for a range of crackers. This ingredient was found at a local New Zealand brewery - spent brewers grain. After the grain is utilised within the beer brewing process, it is discarded. We found that this grain is full of fibre, protein and is naturally sugar-free so in 2020 began to rescue it and make into sustainably delicious snacks!

Founding Story

Founded by two farming friends in Canterbury, New Zealand. During the summer season they experienced a surplus fruit harvest and instead of discarding this delicious fruit they joined together with old family recipes to create thier world famous Fruit Pastes. From there the household name Rutherford and Meyer was formed after its founders - Gai Rutherford and Alison Meyer.

In 2001, the company was purchased by Alison's daughter, Jan Meyer and her husband Russell Coventry. The company has continued to expand in the years following with Jan's leadership and Russell's innovative product development.

The company is proudly female owned and operated.


Jan Meyer


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Owner and CEO of Rutherford and Meyer., Jan Meyer leads an internationally recognized company known for its fruit pastes, wafers, and innovative snacking crackers. Her focus on producing the highest quality and most flavorful products ensures the company continues to innovate. A prime example, is with the launch of the Upcycled Grain Project. When Meyer learned that 1/3 of food produced annually is wasted equating to nearly $940 billion dollars, she knew something had to be done. So, the Upcycled Grain Project was born to play a part in minimizing waste, reducing our reliance on new resources, and to make great tasting snacks out of rescued spent grain. Jan Meyer, is a powerhouse that is inspired to generate change every day.

Jan Meyer pictured with her husband and Rutherford and Meyer co-owner Russell Coventry.


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