Date Established 05/2020
Founder Rashad Hossain, Andrée Werner
Headquarters Boston, MA USA
Press Contact Andree


RYZE Mushroom Coffee
RYZE Mushroom Coffee $36.00


RYZE Superfoods makes functional mushroom coffee with more health benefits and less than half the caffeine of a regular cup. By infusing arabica coffee beans with six types of organic medicinal mushrooms and MCT oil, the mushroom coffee by RYZE Superfoods is a proprietary blend that improves overall focus, physical performance, and immunity while fighting inflammation and promoting homeostasis. Despite its popularity, caffeine in regular coffee has been shown to heighten adrenaline spikes and cause anxiety, jitters, mood swings, and poor quality sleep. RYZE aims to redefine morning rituals by introducing consumers to the many health benefits of the adaptogens found in medicinal mushrooms.

Founding Story

In 2019, two Harvard graduates dedicated themselves to improving health by promoting healthier morning rituals. Drawing from personal experiences working with large, global brands and scientific expertise, RYZE Superfoods is committed to improving health by re-examining and redefining morning rituals through the use of adaptogens found in medicinal mushrooms. Co-founders Rashad and Andrée firmly believe that the consumption of delicious coffee infused with adaptogens and the slow release action of MCT oil is the first step to overall better health and lifestyle choices. During Rashad’s time managing many aspects of global coffee brands, he noticed that at least 50% of consumers suffered from caffeine-induced acid reflux, jitters, and anxiety. After much research, Rashad and Andrée came to the conclusion that despite their incredibly powerful health benefits, holistic ingredients such as adaptogens found in mushrooms and MCT oil were simply too limited in relation to large-scale production and distribution. The two started testing their own blends of adaptogen-infused coffee and successfully transformed their ideation to commercialization within 6 months. Today, RYZE provides their passionate health-oriented audience with the highest quality adaptogen-infused and keto-friendly coffee.


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Rashad Hossain

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RYZE co-founder Rashad Hossain graduated from Harvard University in 2016 with Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Swedish. He quickly secured various managerial roles across PR and finance at CBS, Business Insider, and Ibotta before founding his first company, Keepspace. Keepsace is a social journaling platform with which users can discover and collect unique moments. His venture won a $50k innovation award at Harvard’s i3 Challenge and was promptly accepted into the Venture Incubation at the university’s Innovation Lab. At CBS, Rashad analysed the historical advertising spend of potential clients, identified growth opportunities, refined customer targeting strategies, wrote and distributed press releases to the media, and assisted with TV and radio cross promotion campaigns. At KraftHeinz, he put his knowledge to good use as a Senior Financial Analyst and Associate Brand Manager for Hershey’s, Bailey’s, and Gevalia.

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Andrée Werner

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Andrée Werner graduated from Harvard University in 2016 with a degree in Applied Math before obtaining a graduate degree in music from Juilliard in 2018. In 2017, Andrée worked at renowned PR agency BBDO Worldwide as a freelance analyst in marketing science and data analytics across the retail, travel, and media industries. She moved on to complete the ACCET-accredited and immersive data science course at Metis focused on python programming, statistical inference, machine learning, and communication. Andrée went on to found her first company, ProjectYouth. This tutoring initiative specialized in educational enrichment for elementary-aged children in math, English grammar, music, and Latin. Between Andrée’s passion for data science and wellness and Rashad’s enthusiasm for PR and finance, the two innovative entrepreneurs were clearly bound for success.



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start quotation marks The creamy smooth texture & full body flavor of each cup is unlike anything I have ever tasted. end quotation marks
Ashley A. Wellness Blogger
start quotation marks My go-to daily product that resets my focus, boosts my brain function, and my overall energy for optimal productivity! THE. BEST. PRODUCT I have come across in a LONG time! end quotation marks
Stacie Z. Wellness Public Figure
start quotation marks This mushroom coffee is a staple for me, great alternative to coffee! end quotation marks
Lindsay F. Wellness Blogger