brand Sabah

Comfortable, travel-ready, and stylish shoes made by master craftsmen in Turkey

Sabah Comfortable, travel-ready, and stylish shoes made by master craftsmen in Turkey


Date Established 06/2013
Founder Mickey Ashmore
Headquarters New York, NY, USA
Press Contact Ariana Diaz


Denali Green Sabah
Denali Green Sabah $195.00
Fort Worth Sabah
Fort Worth Sabah $195.00
LAR x Sabah Bandana
LAR x Sabah Bandana $75.00
Sabah Baba Leopard
Sabah Baba Leopard $190.00
Blue Sabah
Blue Sabah $195.00


Sabahs are sturdy unisex slippers with replaceable rubber soles. Every pair of Sabahs is handmade of high quality leather by shoemakers in the Sabah workshop in an ancient bazaar in the southeast of Turkey. These craftsmen are trained in a disappearing skill of hand-stitched shoe construction, unique to Sabah and a few remaining families, which have cultivated their craft over generations. Inside a pair of Sabahs, you will the find initials of the craftsman and stitcher responsible for that pair. Sabahs are created from hand-selected and specially tanned leathers that age gracefully, only getting better looking and more comfortable with time. 


Sabah House Locations:

Sabah Studio NYC: 49 Bleecker St Unit #400 - 4th floor.

Open: Closed: Sun -Tues. Open: Weds - Sat, 11AM to 6PM.


Sabah House Amagansett: 137 Main Street Amagansett, NY 

Closed: Tues+Weds. Open: Thurs — Mon, 11am - 5pm

Sabah San Francisco: 663 Haight St San Francisco, CA

Closed: Mon + Tues. Open: Weds - Sat, 11am - 7pm Sun, 11am - 6pm


Sabah London: 50 Chiltern St Marylebone London, UK

Closed: Sun + Mon. Open: Tues - Sat, 11am to 5pm


Founding Story

Mickey Ashmore founded Sabah in June 2013. He had just moved back to New York City from Istanbul, where he had been living as an expat working for Microsoft since 2010. While there, he was gifted a pair of curly-toed, traditional Turkish slippers by a friend. He wore them every day. When he moved back to New York City in late 2012, they began to fall apart on him. He contacted this friend and through her family was put in touch with the maker, Orhan— who’s family had been making this style of shoe since the late 1800s.

Mickey suggested Orhan make him a new pair — but without the curly toe and patterns across the top. Mickey also sent Orhan a really high quality piece of black leather and asked him to add a rubber sole to the bottom.

Mickey loved his new shoes. He made more for himself and gifted a few to friends. One day he asked Orhan to make 200 pairs in a variety of colors and sizes. And to stamp the word “Sabah” on the inner sole. The word “Sabah” means “morning” in Turkish. Mickey then did the things he does best. He opened his home in the East Village to friends and strangers— this was the first Sabah House! He hosted a party. He made drinks, he fitted people for Sabahs, and he sold a lot.

The origin story of Sabah is at the core of Mickey’s business. He still makes every single pair with Orhan and his family. Every pair is made entirely by hand, from A to Z, using high quality, locally sourced leathers. And Sabah still sells every pair direct to our customers, one pair at a time, and mostly in-person from one of their Sabah Houses, on the road at their non-stop traveling events, and, now, via an online website called the Sabah Portal.


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Mickey Ashmore

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