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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Brian Miller
Headquarters Wilton, CT
Press Contact Brian Miller


Seir Hill is the maker of a line of distinctly-American non-alcoholic spirits. Their all-natural spirits are calorie-free, sugar- and sweetener-free and accessibly priced. They invoke the aroma, flavor and feel of traditional spirits, while honoring the farmers who make them possible. 

Crafted in a converted barn built in 1744 in Wilton, Connecticut, their non-alcoholic recipes are blended in rich tradition to deliver the aroma, flavor and feel of traditional spirits — with no alcohol. They're committed to producing all-natural, sugar-free, alcohol-free spirits for the most discerning palate. Whether you want to be sober for an hour, a night, a month or as a way of life, they get you. There's more to life than getting a buzz, and at Seir Hill they are dedicated to creating sophisticated and spirited beverages for those who don't want to drink, but don't want the sugary alternatives either.

Founding Story

Seir Hill was conceived in a converted 18th century barn in Wilton, Connecticut by Brian Miller. Brian is a 25-year creative professional and a spirits industry veteran. After losing his job in 2020 and faced with the challenges of providing creative services in a pandemic, Brian set out to form his own brand of non-alcoholic spirits. Brian’s inspiration to create America’s signature alcohol-free spirit came, in part, from his decision to stop consuming alcohol in 2019 as well as his father’s farming influences. 


Brian Miller

Founder, CEO

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Brian Miller is a creative director, entrepreneur, and 25-year spirits and beverage industry veteran. Brian designed the very first Website for George Dickel in 1997, and has worked on brands like Guiness, Bass, Red Stripe, Crown Royal, Pepsi and MTN Dew. He has also played an integral role in the launch of many entrepreneurial success stories, including and

A leading expert on Website design, e-commerce strategy and branding, Brian’s book, Above the Fold, is a best-selling resource used in colleges around the world. He is the recipient of the industry’s highest honors including Print Magazine, New York Festivals, Communications Arts Typography Annual and Best in Show from the CADC.

Brian holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Hartford and a MPS in design management from the Pratt Institute. 


Best that's out there. I love it and would recommend it. Unfortunately so do a lot of people. But it's worth the wait.

Walter Pollei

Neat, no. But mixed HELL YES! Out of Ritual, Lyre's and Seir Hill. Seir Hill by far makes the best old fashioned. I mean WOW!! Taste just like the real thing! I also made a whiskey and Coke, also WOW.

Degen Storrer

Outstanding! I was absolutely blown away by the taste and mouthfeel of this alternative. I've been in recovery for 6 years. While I have no desire for alcohol, I still do enjoy an NA beer once in awhile. I did drink my fair share of whiskey as well, and missed the enjoyment of and adult craft beverage. I made an old fashioned with Mashville, and it was delicious. While reminiscent of an alcoholic O.F., Mashville adds it's own unique elements. Mildly sweet on the palate, full flavor in the mouth with a balance of clove, followed by a very enjoyable smokey oakiness in the aftertaste. Trailing off with a slight fullness in my chest. I will absolutely be ordering again! Even my father, who is a drinker of fine 40 year scotch, enjoyed this. Awesome job!

Jeremy M.