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100% Premium Vegan Alcohol Free Spirits

Sexy AF Spirits 100% Premium Vegan Alcohol Free Spirits


Date Established 03/2020
Founder Jo-Anne Reynolds
Headquarters Calgary, AB, Canada
Press Contact Jo-Anne Reynolds


Amar-oh $17.50
AperTease $17.50
Friski Whiski
Friski Whiski $17.50
Triple Sexy
Triple Sexy $17.50
ViirGiin $17.50


Sexy AF is handcrafted and botanically infused without the use of any ingredients that may contain alcohol, making Sexy AF a great choice if you are looking for a spirit that is: 0.00% Alcohol, Plant Based, Vegan, Kosher, Allergen free, Gluten free, Sugar free, low calorie and low carb. 

Sexy AF Spirits contain botanical extracts that are infused into the end product, making Sexy AF 30% BBV (Botanicals by Volume) as compared to other non-alcoholic spirits that may contain up to 1% alcohol and 99% water. With Sexy AF Spirits, your mocktail will always taste great & look Sexy AF.

Founding Story

Jo was on a girls trip when she noticed that all of the ladies she was with were not drinking alcohol because they were pregnant, marathon training or for religious beliefs. Their only options were sparkling water with lime juice or a Shirley Temple plus the usual soda pop, coffee or tea. 

When Jo got home she envisioned a world where everyone could enjoy a delicious, refreshing, alcohol free mocktail anywhere.  She also wanted drink recipes that featured items Jo could easily find and make as a mother and not a mixologist. All her friends wanted was a mocktail that was Sexy AF and Jo was committed to making it the World’s Best Tasting Alcohol Free Spirits company.

Jo began researching booze free beverage options and realized almost all existing options were non alcoholic. This means the beverage has 1.5% alcohol or less but is able to be called non alcoholic. When added to simple syrup they just make a sugary, sweet alcoholic cocktail like we are all used to drinking already.

Jo wanted a great tasting alcohol free spirit, that was truly 100% alcohol free, 100% sugar free, vegan, gluten free, allergen free, plant based, Kosher, low carb, low calorie and tasted delicious.  

36 test batches were created using a variety of techniques, ingredients and more, four were selected with flavour profiles that truly fit the vision of being Sexy AF.  

Now anyone is able to make delicious mocktail recipes with ingredients found in most people's fridge.  Make a NaGronii, Martini or Cosmo with Sexy AF Spirits and you are able to have a fabulous refreshing alcohol free mocktail any time you want.


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Jo-Anne Reynolds

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Jo-Anne Reynolds is a South African serial entrepreneur who immigrated to Canada in 2009 and whose latest venture is Sexy AF Spirits. 

In addition to her primary responsibilities as Sexy AF, Jo also manages a very busy household with her husband, two daughters and Chanel, their Micro Teacup Pomeranian.