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Date Established
Founder Lynn Le
Headquarters North America
Fitness, Fashion
Press Contact Farah Musallam



Society Nine celebrates the fight in every woman. They are a modern women's boxing lifestyle brand providing quality training gear and activewear to empower every woman's fight.

At Society Nine, they care so much about the quality of our products - from the look, the feel and the performance capabilities. They design and develop everything in house, and test their products before they go into production and into your closets and gym bags. From there, they continue to listen to their customers to hear what they loved, what they'd like to see improved, as well as their ideas for new products.

Their customers and community mean everything to Society Nine. They continue to learn and get better by making sure that their customers feel heard. They are proud to have them be such a critical part of their evolution.

The Society Nine team brings years of experience from the sports brand industry to make sure that everything you're rocking can truly take you from the ring and the gym, and out. They are proud and honored for the opportunity to make quality gear and apparel to empower you and your fight - whatever and wherever that fight may be.

Founding Story

Society Nine's mission is to create tools that strengthen women to uncover their power in mind, body and soul. They are here to celebrate your fight, in and out of the ring.


Lynn Le


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