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Date Established 01/2011
Founder Laurent Cohen
Headquarters Marseille, France
Press Contact Alexandrine Aubry


Solinotes is a cheerful call to creativity that brings together no fewer than 17 notes of eaux de parfum to combine as you wish. The collection is inspired by a fun and uninhibited world and made up of highly colorful packs, high-quality scents and an original mix & match concept.

This young French brand chooses the finest essences from the perfumers of Grasse, France, and its surrounding region. With this botanical gold, the brand composes scented notes specially designed to be harmoniously blended together. They can be endlessly mixed as the wearer desires to create a unique, signature scent. More than a mere beauty step, perfume becomes a game - an ultimate and personal beauty quest. Fans of simplicity will also appreciate wearing them on their own thanks to an elaborate olfactory pyramid, which — while it takes shape around a dominant note — nonetheless boasts a wealth of subtle, nuanced touches.

Taking a creative approach to perfumery, Solinotes marks the end of compartmentalized perfumery that forces us to choose between distinctiveness and affordability.

Founding Story

The story of Solinotes began when CEO, Laurent Cohen took over his grandfather's company with a clear vision: to disrupt the market by creating innovative brands close to consumers that marry both quality and accessibility.

Solinotes is good humor in a bottle. To make people smile, to make people love, and to share with people the brand’s good mood diffusing products at soft prices - that's the Solinotes commitment. Entering the world of Solinotes means entering a rainbow of varied, colorful and offbeat scents.

Because each woman is unique, so are Solinotes’ fragrances. Each Solinotes fragrance has been designed to be worn alone or in combination. Olfactory layering is part of the Solinotes philosophy.

Solinotes Perfume Artists are the soul of the brand. They are at the origin of all creations and the heart of the brand DNA. It is from this talented team that the balance of Solinotes fragrances is born.


Laurent Cohen


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It all began in Marseille in 1934 with Fernand Cohen, the grandfather of now CEO Laurent Cohen. Fernand was 21 years old and what is called a “nose,” in the industry - able to identify thousands of fragrances and use talent and creativity to combine essences. Fernand Cohen was a born entrepreneur and founded the company Parfums CORANIA based on a clear vision: to shake up codes in order to be different. His first innovations and successes were alcohol-free perfumes! Fernand Cohen went on to invent fragrances that went against the tide throughout his career. Fernand’s sons, Jean-Luc and Bernard cultivated this heritage for more than 50 years, passing it on to the 3rd generation, Laurent.

This passion for perfume and the originality of Fernand’s approach is the DNA and heritage behind. Solinote’s. They’ve been writing this family story every day since 1934, and Laurent has continued to carry this through. This passion has been a driving force behind Solinotes reinventing themselves at every key moment of their existence, for over 80 years. Fernand’s mission was to give everybody quality and original cosmetic products made in France, and Laurent is doing just that.


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Wearing Solinotes is like a good mood in a bottle. Solinotes is like a free spirit. An experience of playfulness. Solinotes can be romantic and feminine.

Christine Kong