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Miami, FL (March 15, 2021) – Storypod, one of the top five crowdfunded toy campaigns in Kickstarter history, announces its U.S. consumer launch this month. Storypod is the world’s first audio edutainment platform that immerses children in interactive storytelling and trivia while being completely screenless. For the first time, kids will WANT to put down their screens and engage with technology that interacts with them through less screen time and more ingenious story time!

“The dominance of screens in our lives is a particular challenge for children, with the pandemic exacerbating this exponentially. As two dad entrepreneurs we wanted to develop an educational product that addresses this concern head-on,” says Daniel Buelhoff, co-founder of Storypod. “Storypod is so much more than a passive storytelling box. Through our lovable yarn-characters, called Crafties, the read-along audio books, and our interactive trivia cards, children can for the first time truly interact with audio stories, while learning and building on critical comprehension skills without a screen. It’s revolutionizing educational screen-free time for parents and kids. ”

Available on and Amazon, the starter kit is designed for children three years and older and retails for $99. It includes an omnidirectional speaker, removable mesh sleeve, the original Craftie Fox yarn character with original stories in English and Spanish, a read-along audio-booklet “The Adventures of Craftie Fox”, an iCraftie Owl for up to 100min recordings, and a lanyard to take the device on the go. Supplemental edutainment products like books, Crafties, trivia cards and customizable mesh sleeve accessories are also available on the website. In addition, Storypod will reveal new and exciting details on licensing deals with major educational brands in the near future. For more information on Storypod, visit, or follow on Instagram, to stay up to date on all of the newest releases!

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