Date Established 07/2016
Founder Camilo Velasquez, Elisa Lewis, Dana Young
Headquarters Emeryville, CA
Website https://thebaconer.com
Press Contact Dana Young


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About The Baconer

Situated in the epicenter of farm-to-table cuisine, our goal is to create new ways to enjoy America's favorite food—bacon—for today’s generation of home cooks, chefs, and photo-snapping foodies. We’ve perfected a collection of artisan bacon that offers something genuinely unique and inspires our customers to cook absurdly-delicious meals. Our team of bacon enthusiasts prioritizes exceptional quality, sourcing responsibly-raised premium heritage pork from small family farms to produce our richly-flavored bacon featuring innovative cuts and chef-driven flavors. With specialty items like XXL Bacon Steaks, Smoked Lardons, Ground Bacon, Smoked Sausages and BBQ Bacon Ends—in addition to traditional Small Batch Bacon Strips—we put you in control of your own culinary adventure. The Baconer donates a percentage of proceeds to organizations supporting universal access to high-quality, nourishing, and responsibly-sourced food. Based in Emeryville, California, our hand-crafted products are available online and at select retail locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on The Baconer visit thebaconer.com, and join our #BaconFam on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Founding Story

The Original Bacon Slingers, Camilo Velasquez and Elisa Lewis, were a part of an underground supper Club in Brooklyn, NY feeding neighborhood folks 5-7 course meals, complete with a wine pairing in their chic shared industrial loft apartment. It was here that The Baconer(s) started learning to cure their own meats. By invitation, groups of 10-20 would clamor to join these monthly gatherings.

The husband and wife team moved to California and The Baconer got its West Coast start producing in a local commissary in Oakland, CA, selling on weekends at Bay Area farmers markets. Fast forward a few years and today The Baconer's indulgently thick cut bacons are expertly smoked and cut in Sonoma, CA with the same attention to detail and quality that set them apart from the start.

Now headquartered in Emeryville, CA, The Baconer is an artisan producer exclusively focused on one incredible product: bacon. Forging a unique style characterized by responsible sourcing, chef-driven flavors, and hard to find cuts, The Baconer’s mission is to help people discover America’s favorite food—bacon.


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Elisa Lewis

“The Bacon Boss” Head of Brand & Co-Founder
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Camilo Velasquez

“The Baconer,” Head of Product & Co-Founder, and Lead Spokesperson
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Dana Young

“The Bacon Whisperer,” Partner, and Head of Communications & Partnerships
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"If it's not fun, why do it?!" - Ben & Jerry's



start quotation marks "Thick bacon like this one from Berkeley-based The Baconer isn’t for the faint of heart. Bacon is responsibly sourced from pork belly, handmade in small batches, and comes in either maple sugar or smoky paprika flavor." (Sunset Magazine Editors' master list of the most mouthwatering, essential burger toppings) end quotation marks
Maya Wong Food Editor, Sunset Magazine
start quotation marks "We could just say the word bacon and that’s pretty much the mic drop. However, we’ll expand a bit, because this Father’s Day, not all bacon is created equal and can be the ideal when searching for gifts for a foodie. So if your man is definitely a Bacon Lover, this is what you get him on his special day! The Baconer provides 100% responsibly sourced pork belly products. So your main squeeze is only indulging in bacon that is savory, immeasurably tender, and harvested from pork that is 100% vegetarian fed, while having the freedom to freely move around as pigs should do. This Father’s Day, if bacon doesn’t sound like the best thing ever for your man, then get the The Bacon Lover for yourself and he can watch you savor every morsel of that sweet, smoked and salty cut of meat." end quotation marks
Andi LaBrune Author At Daily Mom
start quotation marks "And yes, The Baconer’s bacon is not only way better than what you’re used to, but the company also offers a wide variety of products, from lardons (little smoked cubes of bacon) to bacon steaks to ground bacon to, well, pretty much anything you can think of." end quotation marks
Clay Kallam / Diablo Dish Food Writer, Diablo Magazine