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Date Established 05/2017
Founder Adam Lien
Headquarters Charlotte, NC
Press Contact Dan Cafferky


The Lift Box
The Lift Box $39.95


With thousands of fitness products on the market, it can be daunting to find the best ones to spend your hard-earned money on. The Lift Box, a veteran owned monthly fitness subscription, takes care of this by vetting thousands of products and brands, then including only the best supplements, snacks, gear, and apparel in each month’s box. There’s no better motivation or reminder to stay on top of your fitness goals than getting The Lift Box dropped off on your doorstep each month, filled with a variety of useful items, including a premium shirt every time. The Lift Box community of 10K+ fitness enthusiasts is filled with veterans, first responders, teachers, moms, dads, and everyone in between. It's not just a subscription box. It's a community for people at any stage in their fitness journey.

Founding Story

The Lift Box concept was born atop a shoot house near Camp Lejeune, where a break in the agenda allowed for a conversation about a different kind of training.

Adam Lien, CEO and founder of The Lift Box, listened as several specialized forces instructors discussed their workout routines and some of the things they do to make sure they’re at their physical best for any kind of mission. Lien realized his fellow operators were right on the mark when they mentioned the idea of trying different supplements and snacks prior to purchasing full-size bags or containers. While the concept wasn’t completely new, he set out to make it better. And meaningful.

After weeks of research and learning the ins and outs of subscription boxes, Lien realized the key to building a successful brand would be the same thing that brought the concept to life in the first place – listening.

Each month since January 2017, Lien and The Lift Box team have raised the bar in the fitness-box space by listening to direct feedback from subscribers and delivering the kinds of products and snacks they’re asking to try.

The Lift Box’s mission is to help as many people find the fitness products that work for them in a convenient, fun and affordable way, while offering top-quality items, comfortable and well-fitting apparel and a variety of offerings from big-name companies as well as up-and coming ones.

Everything that appears in the monthly box has been researched, tested and vetted by The Lift Box staff for taste, quality, comfort and durability, and subscribers often have the opportunity to help select flavors, product designs, shirt graphics and more.

Over the years, The Lift Box has partnered with more than 300 brands to bring new and exciting products directly to your door every month, and those growing relationships have led to some memorable months that have included product launches, exclusives and great discounts just for Lift Box subscribers.

An active online Facebook Group community – The Box Crew – helps put names, faces and personalities to the list of subscribers, and it gives everyone a platform to share their thoughts, feedback, recommendations and, most importantly, support.

The Lift Box still is military-owned and operated and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, not far from its Camp Lejeune roots. The military ties and deep appreciation for those who serve also have allowed The Lift Box to work closely with many military and veteran causes, groups and concepts, including Combat Flags, Soledier Socks and Coast Guard TLE Foundation, as well as other important causes, such as breast cancer awareness.


Adam Lien

Co-Founder & CEO

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Adam brings 14 years of specialized forces leadership and work ethic to The Lift Box, and his experience has taught him how important communication is to the success of any mission. At The Lift Box, the objective has been to create the industry’s top fitness subscription box, something he has done by listening to subscribers, or potential subscribers, about the things they’d like to see each month and products they’d be interested in trying.

During his career in the U.S. Coast Guard, Adam spent 11 years in the Deployable Specialized Forces, conducting counter trans-national organized crime missions throughout Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa. He spent his final six years at the Coast Guard Special Missions Training Center as the lead instructor for a variety of courses, including Basic Tactical Operations, Advanced Combat Marksmanship Instructor and Close Quarters Combat Instructor.

Adam is responsible for training more than 500 specialized forces personnel in weapons handling, room clearing, urban combat, water survival, fast roping, hook and climb and mission planning, learning along the way to be flexible in his teaching style to maximize the potential of those in each class.

He brings the same approach to The Lift Box, where his hands-on customer service allows him to connect with subscribers and better understand their goals, wants, needs and various levels of fitness experience.

While serving, Adam received three Coast Guard Accommodation Medals, a Coast Guard Achievement Medal, Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal, two Special Operations Service Ribbons and the Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Insignia.

He twice was named Enlisted Person of the Year for the Tactical Law Enforcement Team South and Fort Lauderdale Council Enlisted Person of the Year.

In order to be prepared and combat-ready, fitness must be a priority, and it’s something that long has been an important part of Adam’s life, both professionally and personally. Now, he can combine all the things he learned about fitness, teaching and motivating others to help The Lift Box succeed and grow.

Dan Cafferky

Co-Founder & CMO

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Dan’s own military background includes six years in the U.S. Navy. He served through two WESTPAC deployments aboard the USS Milius, homeported in San Diego. In 2015, he decided to pursue education and family life outside of the military, and 2 years later, he graduated university with a degree in computer science.

Dan decided to turn his skillset toward business and marketing, where he saw a lot of opportunity in e-commerce. Before The Lift Box, he worked with more than a dozen brands across the fitness, apparel and food and beverage industries, contributing in a variety of capacities.

Among his successes – an apparel project with business tycoon Ed Mylett who is known worldwide as a keynote speaker and business coach, winning the BEVNET Marketing Campaign of the Year for a beverage brand in 2020, and growing multiple startup brands to 7-figure companies.

Dan’s real passion lies in connection with other veteran entrepreneurs and military-owned businesses and helping them succeed any way he can. That’s actually how Dan met Adam in late 2018, and the rest is history.

At The Lift Box, Dan is able to use his industry and marketing experience to build partnerships and attract subscribers with balanced campaigns that utilize the latest tools, platforms and strategies to create brand consistency and awareness, while bringing value to the partners and companies featured in The Lift Box each month.