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Date Established 01/2012
Founder Melissa Butler
Headquarters Detroit, MI
Press Contact Sara Spiegel


The Lip Bar creates easy to use, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics that compliment every complexion. Vibrant colors in organic formulas redefine the depiction of a linear beauty standard. The Lip Bar believes every woman deserves to be represented and makes it their mission to help change the way people think about beauty. Everyday, people are being told how to be beautiful and so, they’re here to remind you that you don’t have to change a single thing about yourself. 

With products made especially for the people on the run, The Lip Bar offers an array of beauty products that provide the ability to create a full face look, quickly and efficiently all while covering a wide range of complexions, so you never get the wrong shade.

Founding Story

Frustrated with the lack of beauty products made with her skin tone in mind, founder and CEO  Melissa Butler started the brand from her Brooklyn apartment kitchen in 2012. It wasn’t long after that she ended up quitting her job on Wall Street in order to keep up with the demand for her colorful and creative products. Nine years later,  The Lip Bar expanded from Melissa’s kitchen to the shelves of Target and Walmart. The brand has grown from lip products to the Fast Face easy-to-use makeup system in 26 complexions. Melissa has built a beauty empire with diversity and authenticity at its foundation, and a place where everyone is welcome to come as they are.




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