The Soulfull Project
brand The Soulfull Project

Hearty, delicious hot cereals, oatmeals and granola that give back

The Soulfull Project Hearty, delicious hot cereals, oatmeals and granola that give back


Date Established 12/2015
Founder Megan Shea, Chip Heim
Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
Press Contact Alex Luckey


“A serving for a serving.” The Soulfull Project is a Certified B Corp committed to creating healthy and delicious breakfast foods and snacks. For every serving of a Soulfull Project item that is purchased, one is donated to a food bank in that same region. Their goal is to give back to struggling communities across the US, improve nutritional awareness, and cultivate an overall sense of charity. Each of their wholesome products is made with the most simple yet healthy ingredients, like steel cut oats, rye, quinoa, nuts, flax, chia, dried fruits, and seeds. All products are non-GMO, Whole Grain Stamp Verified, vegan, and free from all artificial flavors and colors. To date, The Soulfull Project has donated more than 1.5 million servings to regional food bank partners across the US. Each of these regional food bank partners are a part of the Feeding America network and enable Soulfull to reach every community in the country. Most recently, they launched a Healthcare Heroes care package program to send servings of their cereal to frontline workers during the covid19 crisis. #EatYourSoulfull

Founding Story

Inspired by a family they met in need of food…
While working for Campbell’s Soup Company, on a routine business trip in Texas, Megan and Chip unexpectedly met a mom and her 3 kids living hand to mouth with no food in their home. This family was struggling to get good, wholesome food with the little money they had. It was a life changing moment. After Megan and Chip left, they made a promise to themselves that they would find a way to help families like that one get the good food they need. They returned home and back to their hectic every-day lives. As time passed, they did nothing. They never fulfilled that promise. Life got in the way.

A year later, while Megan and Chip were working in a warehouse in Camden NJ, there was a knock at the door. It was a mom with her 3 kids, looking for any food they could spare for dinner. Instantly, Megan and Chip were reminded of that broken promise. They gave the mom and her kids the food they had on hand and knew they needed to do more. Much more. So that night they sat down and created The Soulfull Project…


Megan Shea

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Megan Shea is the Co-Founder of The Soulfull Project. Since the moment of its conception, she has led the Soulfull Project every step of the way. Drawing upon her previous CPG and innovation experience, Megan ensures that their products make their way to those that need them most and is responsible for all business and sales strategies. Megan holds both a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Megan also serves as the Chair on the Board of Trustees for the Food Bank of South Jersey.

Chip Heim

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Co-founder Chip Heim has dedicated himself to giving back and supporting the communities that need it most across the US. Chip spends his time focused on the marketing and innovation strategy and expanding their charitable enterprises, allowing the Soulfull Project to reach every corner of the US. He regularly meets with and builds connections with charitable partners to continue their important work every day. Chip holds a BA from Penn State in Graphic Design and relies on his extensive experience and creative expertise to continually develop their mission, marketing, communications, and simply design their packaging.


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