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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Sanjay Raghavan, Mohan Ramanujam
Headquarters New York, New York
Press Contact Tabitha McKinney



Founded in January 2019, UPJAUNT takes community storytelling and transforms it—from travel inspiration to personalization, planning, and commerce. It's a social travel platform utilizing human creativity and artificial intelligence for the purposes of community building around travel with the central idea that travel is a way to cultivate curiousity, deep learning, culture, and awareness. UPJAUNT provides a space for authentic connection through travel stories where everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, and the way they move through the world. UPJAUNT's mission is to change the way we travel by fostering meaningful connection through travel experiences and storytelling.

UPJAUNT has raised pre-Seed and Seed rounds from both individual and group investors with interests in the travel space. Skift Media describes UPJAUNT as “...a Snapchat Story for travel. Travelers share stories of the trips, others follow and comment, and businesses find ways to monetize it." As UPJAUNT plans for the future of travel, it continues to imagine and reimagine the possibility of travel, whether it's faraway or close to home. Innovation is central to UPJAUNT culture and it is the driving force behind the mission and future vision of the company. 


Founding Story

Born on a trip to Peru, the idea for UPJAUNT came from a need to find bespoke adventures while traveling solo. Co-founder, Sanjay Raghavan, found himself at a bit of a crossroads after dedicating twenty years helping to build other people's dreams. After returning home to Los Angeles, he decided it was time to venture into new terrain. After lengthy, aspirational conversations with his cousin and UPJAUNT co-founder, Mohan Ramanujam, the two decided to come together around shared values and an innovative idea—to change the way we travel. Both co-founders have impressive backgrounds in the world of tech and continue to push things forward. With their combined expertise in architecture and product management, the two form the foundation of the UPJAUNT brand, along with a core team of creators and technology enthusiasts who love travel. The core principles of UPJAUNT are creativity, innovation, exploration, and equity. 


Mohan Ramanujam

Co-founder, CEO

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UPJAUNT is the 4th startup experience for Mohan, and second as a founder. As a trained business analyst and software technologist, he co-founded UPJAUNT to solve a shifting forward trend in travel with the next generation of technology, focusing on where the traveler and business will be in 10 years. His previous ventures include Tibco/Teknekron, Brience, and SensorBiomed. His core background is product and solutions architecture and product management with extensive experience in customer/partner management. Mohan is not only a co-founder, but both a husband and father, and has spent the last few years at home raising his kids. He and his daughter share a love of fashion and you can often find them making DIY styles at home. Mohan holds two MBAs from Columbia University, one in Finance and another in Private Equity/Corporate Finance and General Management. 

Sanjay Raghavan

Co-founder, President

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Sanjay is veteran of the startup world with a passion for bringing value to market. He excels at continuous delivery, highly available architectures, data driven organizations, and empowered teams. He's delivered big data, SAAS, and mobile apps and services at both early-stage companies as well as at enterprise scale. At UPJAUNT, his primary roles include co-founder and product lead. Sanjay holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. When he's not working, you can either find him on a tennis court or listening to a diverse range of podcasts.