Date Established 05/2021
Founder Ashlene Nand
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Website https://www.vaycaybeauty.com/
Press Contact Kaitlyn Nagy


Fiji with Frangipani
Fiji with Frangipani $39.95
Goa with Gooseberry
Goa with Gooseberry $39.95
Maldives with Marula
Maldives with Marula $39.95


Vaycay Beauty is a clean, minimal waste haircare brand that was created to fill a gap in the beauty space by combining a love for luxury with a love for the planet. Each set is inspired by a beach destination and crafted with the signature scents of its surrounding environment. Launched in 2021, Vaycay hair care bars are the brainchild of BIPOC founder Ashlene Nand to create a high-end beauty experience without the environmental guilt. Their mission is to offer hair care that’s both sustainable and inclusive so that more people feel inclined to switch from bottles to bars and inadvertently save more plastic and chemicals from our oceans and drinking water.

Ashlene knows that her mission is big. For women who are used to their tried and true hair routine, sometimes sustainability is not enough. That's why she’s raising the (hair care) bar with Vaycay and considers product performance just as much as she does packaging. Vaycay is handmade in Florida and uses ethically sourced premium ingredients, and high quality essential oil blends that lather like regular shampoo to provide a relaxing wash day experience. Vaycay products are packed with hydrating, volumizing and bouncy benefits where quality results are never sacrificed. The bars also work to restore the natural pH levels of the scalp with a pH ranging from 5 to 7, keeping everything not too alkaline and not too acidic.

Vaycay is driven by the fact that everyone can have both beautiful hair and make a positive impact on our planet too.

Founding Story

For many years, Ashlene had a hard time finding a shampoo and conditioner that worked on her thick Indian hair; a texture that had a life of its own with frizzy ends, lots of knots and greasy roots. She wanted something sustainable and affordable that provided a good cleanse and resulted in volume, but she also wanted the beauty experience she was used to at institutions like Sephora and Ulta. For years she switched between bars and liquid shampoo hoping to come across something that was just right. On a trip to Miami, she discovered local handmade shampoo and conditioner bars that were unlike anything she had tried before. These were natural, vegan, cruelty-free and SLS-free. They lathered like regular shampoo and made her hair instantly softer. She soon began working with organic chemists to develop a line of signature bars packed with benefits and irresistible scents that are inspired by her mixed heritage of the Fiji Islands and the Indian motherland. 

Vaycay Beauty launched in Spring 2021 and is inspired by Ashlene’s innate love of the islands and her mission to protect and sustain Mother Earth.


Founder Bio Image

Ashlene Nand

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Ashlene is a branding pro and creative director from New York City currently based in Melbourne, Australia. With over 20 years experience in marketing, Ashlene began her career as a music journalist interviewing musicians and entertainers (from Rihanna to Jet Li) before moving into corporate advertising. Her first national campaign was with MTV, the start of 100+ campaigns starring celebrities and influencers. She has spent the last 4 years in influencer marketing mostly connecting POC influencers with larger brands such as H&M and Bacardi. Ashlene has been a vocal supporter of diversity and representation, particularly within advertising and media, speaking openly about the ‘digital pay gap’ between POC influencers and their white counterparts. In addition to Vaycay, Ashlene is a diversity advocate and founder of Instagram's @aussiewoc, an account that holds media and influencers accountable for their inclusion and diversity efforts.

Ashlene is a dual citizen of both Australia and the USA and splits her time between Melbourne and Atlanta.