Date Established
Founder Keith Rowe, Meghan Rowe
Headquarters Charleston, South Carolina
Food, Health & Wellness
Website https://www.whiteleafprovision.com/
Press Contact Emma Considine


What happens when an Irish-born, classically trained chef meets a traveling nomad, raised by serial entrepreneurs? They start a business, of course! Co-Founder, husband and dad, Keith Rowe’s upbringing in a small rural village where locally sourced food was the norm influenced his feelings about agriculture, and his wife (Co-Founder and mom) Megan, grew up around entrepreneurs in fields like health and commerce.

After their son Keegan was born, he began having adverse reactions to even the most organic and 'healthy' baby food options. They set out in search of the purest food possible to feed him, with transparent farming behind the products, and came up short. Familiar with European options, they began to import Biodynamic baby food from France, and realized that other parents in the US were doing the same! In talking with fellow parents, the couple realized how many questions people had regarding food products, farming methods, and health. Together, they shared a vision for offering better-for-you food options to inspire a mindful life, and were inspired themselves to help fill the need in the marketplace.

Today, White Leaf Provisions is a trusted family foods brand that has regenerative farming at its core -- employing practices that naturally nourish the earth as food is grown and help to reverse climate change. They are one of the first family foods companies in the US that’s made with 100% regeneratively farmed ®, biodynamic, organic & GMO-free ingredients. Their mission continues to be to offer parents products with the utmost purity and transparency from farm to shelf, while healing the earth and making a positive impact -- rather than a destructive one, like most -- as they go along. Every aspect of White Leaf has been conceived with the health and wellness of our children in mind, along with the wellbeing of the planet that they will inherit. Because as Wendell Berry said, "We don't inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” 

White Leaf Provisions is a biodynamic brand, which means the farms where it sources all of its ingredients support a variety of sustainable practices that promote the healthiest soil, and actually help regenerate the land.

Founding Story

White Leaf Provisions is a small family run business, comprised of Meghan (Mom), Keith (Dad) and Keegan -- also known as their inspiration to create White Leaf. Keith, raised in Ireland, was a classically trained chef for most of his adult life. Meghan, also traveled extensively through Europe as a professional photographer. By luck and/or fate, they both ended up in Key West, Florida, where they met and fell in love. The growing family packed up and moved to Charleston in 2015, shortly after the birth of their son, Keegan. The idea for White Leaf was born when Keegan was seven months old, and Meghan had been leaving Keegan and Keith for days at a time to photograph destination weddings. 

During her trips away, the couple had Keegan sample organic “convenient food” options that he had adverse reactions to -- having issues even with the “best options.” Familiar with the biodynamic options available across the pond, they reached out to a friend in Paris. With his help, they began importing Biodynamic baby foods from France! Meghan & Keith found other parents doing the same thing, so they knew they were onto something and that there had to be a better way. Late one winter night, they opened a bottle of wine and started sketching out the idea – literally on paper – of what they wanted to do, their vision and dreams (they actually still have the original sketches)! 

When they set out, Meghan & Keith were also cognizant of just how destructive modern farming practices are, to both our health as humans and the health of the planet….and had a feeling it had to do with Keegan’s reactions too. They wanted to address the inconvenient truth that:

- 15% of the global greenhouse gas emissions come from conventional farming.

- Over the last 40 years, we have destroyed more than half of all biology on the planet. 

- Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides have wiped out 97% of agriculture soils on Earth. This has destroyed the biodiversity within nature that is paramount to our survival.

- This also means that today our food is less nutritious than ever, as the destructive modern agricultural practices are depleting the soil and leading to a decline in the nutritional quality of many crops.

Fortunately, regenerative agriculture chooses to work with nature and restore soil health and has the power to transform our food system, human health and climate! And, you can help change the world with the foods you purchase and eat. 


Meghan is the owner/co-founder and CEO of White Leaf Provisions. Entrepreneurship is perhaps passed down via genetics, as Meghan is the daughter of serial entrepreneurs. She grew up surrounded by and working for her family's businesses, assisting and interning wherever she could, including notably a snack foods company that her parents created and sold to Pepperidge Farm. While living abroad for many years for her education and career in photography, Meghan became very aware of the high standards that the European Union holds for food, products, and their ingredients. The birth of her son Keegan is what sparked her and her husband, Keith's decision to enter and help bring the Regenerative Organic, and Biodynamic® CPG space into the mainstream. She started White Leaf Provisions due to her love of Biodynamic and Organic products and is driven every day to share this love with others out there, especially parents and growing families like her own. 

Keith is a dad, as well as the Co-owner and -founder of White Leaf Provisions. Born and raised in Ireland, he is a classically trained chef. Educated in Europe, he spent sixteen years in the culinary industry, cooking at an executive level around the world including Australia, Asia, and Europe. Being in the culinary scene in Europe, Keith was well aware of Europe's approach to food, farming and diet, which included regenerative and Biodynamic farming. This inspired Keith’s growing passion for offering consumers (and when he become a father, parents) a deeper dive into the farming practices behind the foods we consume. He now devotes the majority of his time to developing the growth and awareness of regeneratively farmed ingredients and products in the USA. "For me, the quality of ingredients that we are feeding our kids and families is paramount as we think of their futures and the health of their planet,” explains Keith.


start quotation marks "These are a couple of my favorite things that I've been getting from Thrive. Some of my favorite baby food is biodynamic baby food and she [our daughter] loves it and there is super clean ingredients. It goes really fast because Andrew eats it as well." end quotation marks
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start quotation marks We are loving the products!!! The big kids LOVE the applesauce. They can’t get enough :) I haven’t given fruit yet to the baby, so we are just holding off a bit longer and trying every veggie first, but the new flavors look amazing! We cannot wait to try them. my kids don’t have any sugar (only from laminated fruit) so for them it’s a DESSERT!!!! They ask every day for them and genuinely LOVE them! end quotation marks
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