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Highly effective and natural solutions for everyday stresses, aches and pains

WholyMe Highly effective and natural solutions for everyday stresses, aches and pains


Date Established
Founder Celine Ivari
Headquarters London, UK
Fitness, Beauty
Press Contact Sarah Massey


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Relief Balm
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Relief Drops
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Armed with Founder Celine Ivari’s expertise in Genetics of Human Disease and fueled by her desire to give everyone the tools to maximise their wellbeing, WholyMe makes the healthiest, highest quality soothing products for everyday stresses, aches and pains. With this modern lifestyle being a source of constant pressure that impacts both body and mind, WholyMe’s mission is to revolutionise your approach to wellbeing by offering highly effective, all natural and organic products to introduce into your wellness routine.

Founding Story

The idea behind WholyMe stems from a very personal experience of Founder, Celine Ivari. From studying Genetics of Human Disease and Human Biology, and watching her mother suffer the physical consequences of a very stressful lifestyle, Celine made it her mission to help her mother any way she could.

Celine was determined to find a completely natural solution that would be really effective and backed by scientific evidence, but she had no luck in finding what she was looking for. Celine decided to start experimenting with natural ingredients, and formulate the product herself. This experimenting led to the creation of “The Relief Balm”, which worked effectively in relieving pain in overworked and fatigued muscles and joints. This Relief Balm helped her mother tremendously, and that’s when Celine realised that there is a need for an effective, healthy and natural approach to managing aches and pains.

Our modern lifestyle is filled with everyday stresses, and aches and pains are now common, yet they’re completely mismanaged and misunderstood. WholyMe promises to bring people the healthiest, most effective solutions, backed by scientific evidence, sustainably made, all natural, and all good.


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Celine Ivari

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Founder of WholyMe, Celine Ivari is a natural-born entrepreneur, who has impressively launched two businesses by the age of 28. While she’s currently based in London, Celine has a diverse background, from her Iranian heritage and birthplace in France.

Celine has an extensive scientific background, having studied Human Biology at Queen Mary University in London, and Genetics of Human Disease at UCL. Following her education, she started her career in medical education at DNA Comms, supporting large pharmaceuticals in their launch of new medicine, globally. Celine later joined forces with her mother and sisters to set up a high end hair loss clinic, Meshkati Hair Centre, which is based in Central London.

Celine witnessed the physical consequences her mother’s stressful lifestyle had on her health. Wanting to help her mother any way she could, Celine made it her mission to create something that could alleviate the physical aches and pains her mom was experiencing.

The major problem was that an effective, evidence based natural solution did not really exist in the market. Looking to fill the gap and use a holistic and completely natural solution, Celine started experimenting with natural ingredients and created a product that would later be called “The Relief Balm”. This experience highlighted a much bigger problem - our modern lifestyle is filled with endless stresses, aches and pains are now common, yet they are mismanaged and misunderstood. After establishing this hero product, Celine developed the brand, WholyMe, containing three core products to help target, soothe and recover the body, naturally. WholyMe is on a mission to transform the approach to health and help people discover the power of holistic health. WholyMe combines its knowledge of science and the power of nature to bring people the healthiest most effective remedies.