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Functional supplements to fill the gap between dog food and vet visits


Date Established 03/2021
Founder Travis Rice
Headquarters Denver, Colorado
Press Contact Travis Rice


WOOOF takes a modern approach to dog wellness by providing functional supplements that empower dog owners to take charge of their dog’s health. They are built on the belief that better health is the best way to improve dogs’ quality of life. Their premium supplements are all natural and aim to personalize dogs’ health needs beyond what dog food alone can offer. They encourage dog owners to invest in proactive nutrition to minimize expensive vet visits and maximize happier days spent with their dog at any age.

WOOOF is now pushing the pet wellness space forward with new types of supplements and formula combinations that better reflect the needs of modern dogs. Their first line, Creamy Kibble Coaters, are the first creamy broth based supplements on the market designed to go with existing meals without the mixing, measuring and mess.

Founding Story

Travis, Founder of WOOOF, spent months bouncing between his vet who didn’t have an answer and the internet which had too many unreliable answers. Eventually he lost his pet Kobe to a debilitating illness. Looking back on that frustrating and helpless process, he decided we should invest in our dog’s health like we do our own.

Most people take some form of vitamins or supplements to personalize their own health needs. Few go beyond picking a food for their dog’s nutrition. This is because the pet health space is broken. Vet clinics aren’t designed to teach people about preventive nutrition, artificial ingredients & fillers are everywhere, and despite new colorful labels, products don’t reflect the personalized lifestyle needs today’s dog owners have.

Travis teamed up with experts in the pet & animal nutrition space to bring a modern approach to dog wellness. WOOOF was launched in early 2021 to give dog owners a natural way to bridge the health gap between dog food and vet visits.


Travis Rice


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